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Davis Gay + Associates.

Organizational & Leadership Consultants.

If you or organization needs skilled support in breaking through entrenched problems, DGA can help you.  We can support your desire to unravel and improve your organizational dynamics.

DGA’s inquiry based model uses our collective experience as entrepreneurs, funders, staff and board members to engage stakeholders in a series of relevant and insightful questions — allowing each participant to uncover their own best choices and possibilities.  It is a process without preconceived notions and judgment.  Our inquiry model also provides the technical assistance to make the discovery and implementation process easier thereby creating better functioning systems.

Are you aware that race, class and gender issues are alive in your organization or in your own work, and don’t know how to fully address it?   DGA can help. Co-founded by a woman of color, we believe these issues can be an incredible opportunity if addressed with awareness, respect and open-heartedness.


Executive Coaching
Staff + Board Coaching
Equity + Inclusion (Facilitation + Anti-Racism Training)
Facilitation + Conflict Resolution
Self Care, Morale-Building Retreats with Varied Modalities including Movement + Music
Detailed Program Planning from Concept to Devolution, including Strategic Planning Processes
Community Engagement + Relationship Building
Experience with Non-Profit Law

Our expertise includes.

supportive. direct. inclusive.

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