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Val is a “Generalist” with “Specialist” tendencies. Over the years she has used her creativity to become a leader in several industries, including banking, academia, the arts, and nonprofits.
Val is a mission-driven leader and is very interested in making the world a better place and is guided by her personal Purpose Statement: “to use my gifts and talents to encourage, inspire and empower others to seek and find their own life’s potential so that we each can make the world a better place”.
A serial entrepreneur since 2006 Val exercises her Purpose creatively through all of her "work".
You can find out more about who Val is and what she does through these pages.




Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters

St. Joseph’s University.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Interdisciplinary Research Fellow


Professional Studies Certificate and a Master of Music in Vocal Performance

Temple University’s Boyer College of Music and Dance.


Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance

University of the Arts.


Peabody Conservatory

Johns Hopkins University.


Certified Financial Planner.

Education. + Honors.
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